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This event has been cancelled!
Please stay tuned for future developments.

Seattle, WA is the place -
and it's all about space at The Lunar Workshops 2016!

We've combined our highly regarded technical workshops on Lunar Surface Applications and LunarCubes with our Space Entrepreneur Training and Hack the Moon hackathon for one spectacular, 7 day event.

Join us September 26 - October 2, 2016
for the Lunar Event Of The Year - The Lunar Workshops 2016.

September 26-27, 2016
The 6th International Workshop on Lunar Surface Applications

There are major opportunities for scientists and space entrepreneurs alike to get new hardware and instruments flying relatively soon and at low cost through privately funded platforms. Learn more about the latest technology, and the recent science and business plans that will fuel the Lunar Renaissance and open the Lunar Frontier, as private companies continue their push to explore space.
Topics will include:

  • Lunar Landers
  • Lunar Rovers
  • Lunar Surface Science
  • Lunar X Prize Teams/Updates

September 28-30, 2016
The 6th International Workshop on LunarCubes

Join the best space scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world to discuss, explore, and redefine the technology, collaboration and commercial strategies required to make the most of LunarCubes, an unprecedented opportunity in space exploration.

To control LunarCubes individually or in swarms will require an entirely new generation of spacecraft embedded software that looks much more like a smart phone or self-driving car than anything that has been flown on real space missions to date. Additionally, Virtual Reality \ Augmented Reality visualization and manipulation systems hold great promise for space exploration and system design.
Topics will include:

  • LunarCubes Busses/Subsystems
  • Communications for LunarCubes
  • Cislunar Science
  • CubeQuest LunarCube Team Updates
  • LunarCube Embedded Software
  • VR & AR for Space Applications

October 1-2, 2016
Hack the Moon

At Hack the Moon, students and space enthusiasts have the opportunity to come up with creative solutions to space-related problems, while New Space startups can create and launch their own successful Kickstarter campaigns. This is a hands on workshop ... create one or more solutions to a real space problem and you and your team will be eligible for prizes.
Topics will include:

  • 3D Printed Telescopes
  • VR and AR Software
  • Mapping
  • Electronics - Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.
LunarCubes 6 Video


Important Dates

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  • September 4 - Presenters Notified*
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  • September 8 - Remote Presentations Scheduled
  • September 15 - Regular Registration Rates End
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  • September 18 - Deadline for Hotel Reservations

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